The McGuigan Shortlist – The Launch

Today we’re really proud to announce the launch of The McGuigan Shortlist Wines. Exclusive to Majestic, these wines highlight the confidence that our Australian Wine buyer Matt Pym has in their quality, and eagerness to bring the whole range from Australia straight to our customers.

The CEO and Chief Winemaker of McGuigan Wines, Neil McGuigan, was so enthused by the partnership with Majestic that he flew over from Australia especially to introduce the Shortlist Wines and impart his knowledge to our store managers at a gala dinner held at the Kensington Roof Gardens.

Neil went through each of the wines and explained their unique characteristics and matched them up with their ideal food pairing. The awareness this created amongst the store managers will undoubtedly be passed on to friends, colleagues and customers who will have the comfort in knowing that the food and wine matches have been personally recommended by Neil himself!

On our store website Neil features in a short film introducing McGuigan Wines and their partnership with Majestic, as well as five bespoke tasting videos to accompany each of the Shortlist wines. Known as “one of Australia’s true winemaking mavericks”, his authentic Aussie style really brings the Shortlist wines to life. Filmed in the Fine Wine Centre at St John’s Wood, and Kensington Roof Gardens, Neil had the perfect backdrop to introduce his new range of premium wines.


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