The public mood?

Since the budget sales have soared, and it’s clear that our competitors are experiencing a similar uplift too. While the increase in duty is significant, and will have a very real effect on wine prices, the size of the uplift has taken us by surprise. Is this a sign that the consumer doesn’t like a wagging finger, and is simply stocking up to avoid paying the new tax more as a protest than anything else? Discuss…

8 thoughts on “The public mood?

  1. I generally obtain my wine,spirits and beers from France including Majestic stores in Calais.In the past few months I have been purchasing some on the internet.Mainly due to some good reviews in The France Magazine and reviews in Decanter.From the recent hike in tax on wines I shall only purchase from France,Belguim and Germany in person in future.The cost of driving and staying is more than compensated in what the product costs..

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  3. Has Peter Wood taken into account the weakness of the £ against the Euro which has gone from being worth nearly 66pence to almost 80pence in under a year?
    These prices increases will filter through during 2008 as more price increases on wine purchased now, as well as the duty hike!
    Happy drinking!

  4. Have previously enjoyed the opportunity of your wine tastings, todays Agentinean weekend was disappointing, only 1 white and 3 reds, none of which were up to the standard of the wines already on sale. Is there any consistency of the wines featured thruout your UK shops for these events or is it left to the individual manager.

  5. The majority of the population will always be bargain hunter wine drinkers, looking for drinkable bottles of wine for £3.99 or less. For those prepared to spend £8 or upwards, I don’t think the budget will have much effect – we just trust supplies like Majestic to continue to source good quality wines at reasonable prices.

  6. Piers – you’re right, although Stephen’s point is relevant here – with the more expensive European wines the strength of the Euro is actually more painful than the duty rise.

  7. i agree with peter wood. i also enjoy going to france and having an away day ending up at majestic in calais.however i do think that majestic are being a bit mean and petty in raising the amount to be purchased to £400 prebooked before allowing a discount towards travel. is this a fair way to treat their regulars

  8. The wines offered on the tasting counter are chosen by the individual stores and thus will vary. If there is something you wish to try in particular it is sometimes worth asking one of the staff if they’ll open it as they are often willing to do so.

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