The Sparkle of Anticipation

Having just returned to the UK from a particularly snowy Loire Valley, via an eerily quiet Bordeaux airport, I was reminded that the UK wine trade was very much alive and well, full of chatter and excitement about retail sales.

Interesting was the news that Spanish cava giant Cordorníu has recently appointed its first ‘Director of Production and Operations’ from outside the Raventós family. I suppose it’s always good to get a fresh perspective, even if you have been doing awesome things since 1551.

It’s been really nice to see people back in the store after the Christmas break, stopping by to let us know just how good their Christmas wines were, and describing the kudos they’re enjoying thanks to a couple of well advised mixed gift cases.

Like the first gleaming sunshine of the year over the banks of the Gironde: a new season brings new rules.

If you’re the kind of person who tends to opt for the same wines again and again, then this year’s resolution is to try as many different wines as you possibly can. If you, as a rule, never drink French wine, or refuse to stray from faithful pinot grigio, make this year one of surprising discovery.

Make a note to drop in and try what’s on the tasting counter. If there’s a particular wine you’re interested in, let the local store manager know and they’ll give you a ring when it’s available to taste.

Blind tastings always throw up wonderful surprises. Put your palate to the test with some unknown wines and see if you can’t love a wine that you didn’t expect would come from a bottle with that label. I’ve never understood tasting with your eyes.

I’ve already planned my tasting itinerary for the coming few months, as well as a few interesting looking trade presentations and conferences, summaries of which I’ll post regularly.

If the grand-masters Cordorníu feel it’s a good time to start experimenting with something new, perhaps it’s a good lesson to us all.

Here’s to new friends.

My Wine of the Week

Cordorníu Reina Maria Cristina 2006£14.99 or £9.99 when you buy 2 or more.

Quite simply, apple crumble in a bottle. Autolytic, zesty, green and fresh with a mousse that makes the mouth smile.

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  1. Hi, nice post! Given me a few pointers about wine tasting, and I’m glad the UK trade for wine is still going well! Thanks!

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