The Water that will change your Definition

Carefully sourced by Majestic with the help of leading water sommelier Jaime Lowe, Definition Water is the quintessential mineral water, especially chosen for its soft, luxurious texture. From the incredibly wet 2013 vintage, Jaime describes it as “Incredibly pure, fresh and balanced. Everything you could want from a top mineral water”.


He’s not the only one who’s impressed, here’s what leading wine journalist Olly Smith thought of it:

“The essence of palate-cleansing purity, Majestic’s Definition Mineral Water races across the palate like the first gusts of a moorland rainstorm. Chill and serve by itself or with dishes ranging from the completely bland to tongue-burning curries.”
Olly Smith – Leading Wine Journalist

Available in cases of six for only £17.94, the equivalent of £2.99 per bottle, this is the ideal dinner table accompaniment for any of our critically acclaimed Definition Wine range

This was (of course) our April Fool! We hope you enjoyed our little joke.

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