The wines that launched 1000 ships?

Loyal customers of Wine & Beer World could be forgiven for looking back on last September with a slight shudder. Today marks the one year anniversary of the fire in the Channel Tunnel which, although relatively minor, did throw a rather large spanner into the works of many people’s travel plans for the festive season. Reduced Eurotunnel services and the resultant overcrowding at the Port of Dover made popping over to Calais seem more like a gruelling voyage of epic magnitude: having solved the ancient riddle of the ferry timetable, you’d have to prove your worth by hacking through hordes of mythical beasts to secure your place on the Argo…

4pp front cover for webThat was many moons ago, and this year, it appears that Zeus and his cronies are smiling down upon us from the top of Mount Olympus. Eurotunnel’s services have been restored to a flexible three crossings per hour, with some very competitive rates for the Autumn making it a convenient and good value proposition for those looking to stock up before the festive rush begins.

There’s great news for customers in the Republic of Ireland too. Ferry operator LD Lines recently announced a new service from Rosslare to Cherbourg, which will offer three overnight crossings a week, as well as docking conveniently close to Wine & Beer World’s Cherbourg branch!  Plus, their newly-built ship Norman Voyager shaves 5 hours off the crossing time of LD Lines’ previous service from Rosslare to Le Havre. Less time braving the wrath of Poseidon; more time to shop and enjoy a day out in France. The service will commence on September 19th, allowing plenty of time for customers in Ireland to take advantage of our Autumn deals.

Calais March 2009 049So, it’s by no means a Herculean task to visit Majestic in France. Any mortal who makes the trip will still be handsomely rewarded, not with a golden fleece, but with something altogether more magical. With UK wine duty at £1.61 per bottle and Ireland’s at an eye-watering €2.46 (and yes, that’s before you add the 21.5% VAT!) the savings on a bootful of wine can be colossal. Take our current special offer on Robertson Wines: at only £1.99 a bottle at Wine & Beer World, they’re £1.75 less than our best UK price, and are well under the cost of the Irish tax alone. With free ferry travel from Dover to Calais on SeaFrance or up to £90 off for larger pre-orders the savings you can make by stocking up in France will cover your travel costs many times over.

Don’t myth out…

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