They think it’s all over …

… it (nearly) is now!FineWine

This may be the final weekly roundup of en primeur releases from the 2009 Bordeaux campaign. Bar a few highly-feted but very rare right-bank wines almost everything is out now. Take a look to see which of the remaining wines takes your fancy.

I have been buying wine for en primeur campaigns since 1995, and this is really the first year I can recommend almost any wine, depending on your budget. Too often in the past wines have been lean and mean, or controversially much too oaky and extracted. This year though there is very little of either. Yes, there is luscious purple fruit, but also a balancing freshness which will make for some beautiful drinks in the future.

(On that subject, it’s interesting to note that Robert Parker has drink dates from 2010 on many of the wines he has marks highly. While the traditional British habit is to allow wines to mature in bottle for many years before drinking, other countries, notably France, tend to drink earlier. I must admit my usual taste is for young, fruit wines, so how long will I age my purchases I wonder?).

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