Top 3 Malbecs from Mendoza for your Autumn

Argentine Malbec is more popular than ever and there’s a simple reason for that – it’s marvellous! Here’s a look at some of our favourites you should have in your rack this autumn and how you should be enjoying them with some Pinterest inspiration…

Portillo Malbec, Bodegas Salentein, Mendoza
Beams of light fill the room from the low afternoon sun. You serve the first big family roast of autumn, rib of beef and the crispiest potatoes. You have a whole autumn winter to perfect your potatoes! Enjoy.

Catena Malbec, Mendoza
It’s Friday night, it’s a week until payday and it’s raining outside. Film channels are your new best friends. Don’t be jealous of this film night outside. Your sofa is indoors, more comfy and won’t give you a stiff neck.

Tucumen Malbec, Mendoza
Friends are coming round to watch the match. You’ve chilled a few beers, the wine is ready and there’s a mountain of nachos. Note – your nachos will probably taste better than they look. This picture is something for you to aspire to.

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