Top 5 ways to match food and wine: The Matching Maxims


The top 5 ways to match food and wine. You know what your favourite foods are, how about matching them with your favourite wines? Add an extra flavour dimension to your food and be amazed! Here are the Majestic Matching Maxims…

Top 5 Matching Maxims

1. Wines should complement, not dominate food.
A delicate fish such as steamed sea bream will be overpowered by red wines.

2. Choose a wine that matches the most dominant flavour in a dish
A full-flavoured sauce may well be a bigger influence than the main ingredient itself.

3. Complex wines for simple dishes; simple wines for complex dishes
See this rule of thumb in action with paella. All those rich, flavour-packed ingredients require is a crisp, simple white wine.

4. Match the wine to the body, texture and flavour profile of the dish
Cooking method affects the weight of a dish. Poaching and steaming presents meat or fish at its most delicate. Grilling, frying or roasting adds texture and caramelised flavours.

5. Always look out for local food specialities from a particular winemaking region
This is especially true in Europe. For instance, the high acidity found in many Italian reds marries well with the high acidity in tomato sauces used in pasta dishes.

Try out these maxims at home. Stay in, cook at home, and spend the same on a bottle of wine as you would in a restaurant. Better food, better wine. Win win!


10 thoughts on “Top 5 ways to match food and wine: The Matching Maxims

  1. As coast dwellers we enjoy fish & chips and usually accompany it with french dry white such as Muscadet or Entre Deux Mers. Can you recommend any others to try,William?

    1. Hi there. Have you ever tried Fish & Chips with Champagne? It’s a bit of a Majestic cult favourite amongst our staff and is a big treat!
      I’d also recommend picpoul de pinet, which goes really well with fish dishes.

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