Top BBQ Tips for Summer

How to host the perfect BBQ? It’s easier than you think.

Hosting a party or a BBQ over summer can seem like a wonderful idea (and it is), but then you have to organise it.  And what if it rains? This is Britain. It’s probably going to rain.

Take a breath.  You’ve got this.


Know your guests – make sure you check for any dietary requirements. Are there any vegetarians coming? Coeliac? If so, be sure to cater for them.  You may need to grab a disposable BBQ to cook their food and avoid contamination while you sear your meat-feast.  Or vice-versa.

Check the weather – Some of the most fun BBQs are the slightly awkward ones where everyone has to dash inside because the heavens have opened.  If you think it might rain, investing in a small canopy to keep the rain off the grill (and chef) may prove a stroke of genius.  Your guests should be primed to help you take all the food inside if the worst happens!


Be Wine Savvy – Beer, wine, soft drinks.  Make sure to cover all the bases. Budget about half a bottle of wine per head, plus beers, and if you want to add wiggle-room, we offer hassle-free returns to take the pressure off.  Our wine gurus can give you secret tips on the best wines for your BBQ and budget. Don’t forget ice buckets and free glass hire!

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Here are some top tips for this Summer:

Ramon Bilbao Single Vineyard Rioja – Rioja, Spain

This is a Majestic classic. The fruit comes from Rioja Alta – one of the best areas in Rioja – and a light touch means this is a really juicy, fruit driven wine – perfect all-rounder red for everything from sausage to steak… or even pasta salad!

Giesen Sauvignon Blanc – Marlborough, New Zealand

Whether seared tuna or chargrilled chicken, Giesen Sauvignon Blanc is a brilliant party wine packed with punch. Zesty citrus and gooseberry fruit make this a brilliantly refreshing drop to get all your guests talking.

M de Minuty Rosé – Provence, France

Crunchy red apples, crushed strawberry and a delicious floral aroma.  If it rains, sip this and you’ll soon imagine yourself on the sunny southern French coast! It’s a belter with salads and nibbles, too.


And the beers? We’ve got an awesome range of brews available online. Try a classic like Pilsner Urquell. Give Hawthorn Pilsner and Pale Ale a try for smooth and balanced, or go hoppy with some brilliantly esoteric Punk IPA from Brewdog. You can find all our beers online here!

Oh, and if you’re into your food and wine matching, read this: “Top 5 ways to match food and wine: The Matching Maxims”

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