Twittering from Bordeaux

I’ll be reporting back on this blog from Bordeaux as often as our schedule allows next week. Exactly how frequently depends on my ability to get the French 3G dongle I have ready and raring to go working; this is no foregone conclusion but I’m optimistic!

Obviously one way to keep up to date is simply to bookmark the main blog page and check back frequently, or subscribe to our RSS feed in your browser, email program, or a web-based reader such as Google Reader.

However, new for this year, I’ll be sending updates back via Twitter. If you use Twitter, just follow MajesticWine. All the blog posts are sent as tweets, but I’ll also be sending back much more frequent summaries of wines as we taste them. And anything else I think you might be interested in.

(A lot more people seem to have heard of Twitter than actually use it, probably because the main Twitter homepage doesn’t do a very good job of explaining it. There’s a good explanation here.)

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