Valentine Free Zone…!

Call me a cynic, but I’m not one for Valentine’s Day.  Now this may be because this year, unless a modern day equivalent of a knight on a white steed should happen across my path between now and the 14th, neither my postman nor Interflora is going to be  knocking at my door.

However, even if I were in the position to be expecting a card and a dozen red roses, all the forced sentimentality justPink Champagne isn’t for me.  I’d even go so far as to say that the verses in some cards give me a violent physical reaction.  So I say NO to Valentines Day.  Roses – too predictable, chocolates in a heart shaped box –too tacky; cupid, doves, love hearts – no, no, no!  The only exception I make is for Champagne.  Champagne I always have time for – Valentine’s Day or not.  It doesn’t have to be pink, in fact for the purposes of shunning Valentine’s Day, it’s probably better that it isn’t, however, I can’t bring myself to rule it out of the equation, because pink or not, it’s still Champagne!

It never fails to brighten an occasion – whatever it may be.  From the satisfying pop of the Champagne cork, to the effervescing in the glass to the first glorious sip, Champagne is the perfect dose of happiness.

One of my favourite non-vintage Champagnes has to be Louis Roederer NV.  Its elegance, finesse and complexity consistently impresses me.

With a slightly more modest price tag is the Oeil de Perdrix NV.  If big name labels are your thing and you have overlooked this little gem, think again.  It’s delicate, both in taste and in its pink hue, lending itself to red fruits backed up by a lovely toastiness.

Lindauer Special ReserveIf splashing the cash on a bottle if fizz isn’t your thing spend a mere £7.99 on a bottle of Lindauer Special Reserve – I know, I know, this isn’t Champagne, but it is so good it deserves a mention!  Hailing from New Zealand it is made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes and has a slight pink blush.  At this price it’s definitely worth having a couple of bottles in the fridge on standby.

So, whilst I may be a Valentine free zone this February 14th, it won’t stop me from enjoying a bottle of bubbles.  With a sense of culture, layers of complexity, elegance and a definite sparkle, I reckon I’m onto a winner!

3 thoughts on “Valentine Free Zone…!

  1. Well actually rose Champagne is not predictable since there are so many great high quality rose wines comming into the market. I would say “just rose wine” would be a hit! That my opinion though……..

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