Waiting for Bordeaux … and some new offers

Very few of our chosen wines have been released en primeur yet, so the 2007 campaign remains a bit of a phoney war so far. However, those chateaux that have released are generally (in our humble opinion) pricing much too high. The simple fact is that the 2007s need to be cheaper than the preceding vintages and, in most cases, they are not.

Rest assured reader that we will be buying only those wines that we think represent genuine value so, if and when you do see wines on offer here, do consider them for your cellar – they will be the best wines of the vintage.

In the meantime, we are spicing up our summer activity with new sets of offers. First are our Bank Holiday Specials, which feature some of our most popular wines at very competitive prices, including the phenominally successful Oyster Bay Sauvignon. As we were the first UK stockist of the this wine, we can’t help but feel a bit proprietorial about it.

Second, we’re entering the key period of the year for Champagne, as the summer wedding season kicks off. Majestic’s raison d’être is to have the best deals around on the best range possible, so we’ve cut and cut our prices again to achieve this. Given the strength of demand in Champagne, and the resultant price rises from our suppliers, we’re really pleased with these offers. In retail it’s unwise ever to promise anything on pricing, but I can’t imagine these wines being available cheaper elsewhere.

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