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Welcome to our new blog on wordpress, and wow… what a change. For our regular readers who have been with us since the blog launched, we hope you like our new site. We feel it’s a real leap forward from the dinosaur of our old blog!

Along with the new look we are posting all our regular features plus added bonus posts, such as articles from our print magazine Grape to Glass, guest blogs from wineries to bloggers, articles from local Majestic stores webpages and food envy inducing cake and biscuit baking.

For those of you visiting for the first time, hello! We know there are lots of wine merchants out there, but at Majestic we believe we offer an unrivalled service focusing on giving the best customer service both online and in our 188+ Majestic stores across the UK, and our blog is a reflection of that.

New functionality on the blog includes syncs with our fun Instagram feed (lots of behind the scenes photos, first look at new wines arriving, fine wine tastings) and Twitter (corking tweets).

Blog posts are categorised simply into: News, Food, Travel and Guests, with scope to add more categories as the blog gets bigger and better.

Lastly, it is even easier to comment on and engage with us with the new disqus comment box, so speak up! Inspired or have an opinion about an article?

So what do you think of our new blog? Post in the comments box below.

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