Weston’s Wines for a Super Summer……Whatever the weather!

Lauren, Assistant Manager of the Sparkling New Weston Super Mare Majestic Store gives her view on what Summer is all about.

So it is finally here….dust off the flip flops, dig out the barbie, slap on some Factor 500 and pop down to Majestic Wine Weston Super Mare to stock up on a few other summer essentials.

Here is a selection of my favourite summer slurpers, from light and juicy roses, perfect for a barmy Summers eve to a rich and deliciously moreish red ideal for those days when our reluctant British sun just plain refuses to put his little hat on and come out to play.

Let’s start off optimistically with a lively and fresh Rose from Provence – the home of some of the world’s finest Roses, My current favourite is Commanderie de Peyrassol 2010 Cote de Provence. You really can’t go wrong with this juicy Rose full of ripe summer red berry and white peach fruit flavours with a subtle sweet spice and pepper finish. It is mouth-wateringly fresh and crisp and absolute must have for the BBQ.

If, like me, you feel that no BBQ is complete without an ice cold beer in one hand and a pair of tongs in the other then Majestic also has you covered- try the Paulaner Original, it’s clean, crisp and refreshing but most importantly it actually tastes of real, proper, genuine lager! The best that Munich has to offer.

There is nothing quite like the decadency of Champagne and strawberries on a summers day – what a treat! For me, that Champagne has to be Mr Sunshine himself – Veuve Clicquot NV. So distinctive in flavour and with such a vibrant and bright mousse that it just can’t be topped. Why not snap up a bottle whilst it is still on offer (until 20/6/11) and then you can sit back and sip your Champers, nibble some strawberries and celebrate Andy Murray finally restoring British pride by winning Wimbledon this year…..Either that or you can drown your sorrows with it as Cliff Richard warbles out yet another chorus of ‘Summer Holiday’ as they drag the covers over Centre Court!

So it started raining in April and despite the fact we were PROMISED the hottest Summer since records began by those giant fibbers at the MET office, it is now fast approaching Midsummer’s eve and all this fabulous weather is yet to materialise. I say why not comfort ourselves with a deliciously fruity, luscious and velvety GSM (Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre) from a county where the sun barely stop shining. The Shortlist GSM is a fantastic example of a Rhone inspired blend from the Barossa Valley developed by the powerhouse that is McGuigan. A bold and generous wine, with notes of fig, cinnamon, vanilla and cocoa; a very satisfying glassful of joy, just perfect to snuggle down with on a miserable evening.

With these four firm favourites in the bag you are ready for anything our glorious British Summer has to throw at you.

You can follow Lauren and the Weston Super Mare Majestic Team on Twitter @majesticwsm or on their webpage www.majestic.co.uk/westonsupermare

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