What’s your style?

It seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing the hashtag #. From twitter it has spread to cross-posting on Facebook and other social networks such as Instagram, Foursquare and Pinterest (we’re on all of these channels by the way) as well as appearing at the beginning of TV shows and even the News: #millionpounddrop, #bbcapprentice, #itvnews

Majestic stores have taken to their twitter feeds and created their own wine hashtags too. Majestic Northampton have the #3wordwinereview that has caught on throughout all Majestic stores and the Majestic bunch; our most active followers on twitter.

On Monday night I went to a Spanish wine tasting with Majestic managers in the city of London. We tasted through around 20 wines, most of which were from Rioja. This was just a small sample of wines from one supplier that contributes to our range of wines from Spain, yet it made me realise just how diverse our Spanish range is; there is pretty much a wine for everyone, whatever your style… #pickyourstyle!

That’s how it happens, inadvertently whilst live tweeting the tasting. So whatever your style, at Majestic, you can #pickyourstyle

Below are some tweets from Monday night. Tweet me your style @majesticwine

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