WINE 999: Your wine questions answered ahead of Christmas

Wine 999 is so your wine questions can be answered in the lead up to Christmas.

Have a brother-in-law who knows everything about wine and want something to impress him, but don’t want to spend a fortune? Or aren’t sure what temperature to serve a wine at? We’ve got your back and we’ll answer any questions you might have. What's a wine punt?

Just tweet us if you have questions and we will get our experts on the case @MajesticWine-  just use the #wine999


Question: If a wine’s got a big dent in the bottle it’s worth paying more for, right? Peter T., Dorking

Answer: Not totally conclusive- but maybe. The ‘big dent’ is what is called a ‘punt’.  It wouldn’t do much good on a Cambridge river but it’s a big part of bottle design.

But why?

  • It actually makes the bottle stronger, which is particularly important for fizz.
  • It lets any sediment collect down the side of the punt. Sediment is the bits that can accumulate at the bottom of wine bottle and is usually yeast cells, grape solids and tartrates (which can look a bit like broken glass).
  • The punt also makes the bottle look and feel more expensive.

BUT be warned – it’s a myth to think a deep punt is a guarantee of quality. Some producers use them solely to impress.

Rest assured Majestic buyers don’t get fooled – it’s the wine that counts.

Our recommendation:

Take a punt? Try the Capaia Merlot Cabernet 2013, from Philadelphia, South Africa (14%) a try.

The Capaia Estate was founded on a old fruit farm in 1997 by Count Stephan von Neipperg the owner of the famous St Emilion chateaux Canon La Gaffeliere and La Mondotte

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