Wine Tales #1 – Begude

Last week we published our first of our Wine Tales series.  Wine is evocative. It’s sensory, and sensual.  We love it because it gives us pleasure, and we love it because it’s fun.

Human civilisation is founded on stories and sharing experience.  We’re hard-wired to listen when a tale is told: it’s how we share knowledge.

Sometimes it’s a recollection of a place we were when we tried a wine for the first time.  A holiday, a visit, a meeting. A lazy sunday afternoon with friends and a few bottles.

Stories can be entertaining.  They can be fictional.  They can be educational.  They can be one or two or all three and none.

The Wine Tales series explores the stories wine tells us. Some are whimsical, some are about emotion, others of memories, of places, of people.  All are of wine.

We hope you enjoy them.



She sighed, took a long sip of her wine, and smiled.

The room was gone. Sunlight shone through the leaves and branches of a cherry tree, standing firm amongst rows of vines. Pink petals flickered gently, rustled by a soft breeze blowing over Pyrenean slopes.

One, caught by the wind, broke free from its branch.  The woman watched it dance its way through the air, alighting on a vine trellis for a moment before taking flight once more.  She took another sip.  Cool.  As the breeze, a blessing like the warmth of the sun.

The woman held her wine glass up to the light, looking at the cherry tree through the lemon tinge of her wine.  It seemed to make sense.  She shrugged and sipped again as if dismissing her actions as a whim.

“The view,” she breathed aloud, “is spectacular.”  There was no-one nearby to hear her.  Further into the vineyard, two men bent over between the rows of vines, tending to something.

A gust of wind caught her dress, long and white, and she spun with it happily.  This was as close to paradise as she had been in a long while.  The sun, mountains, a breeze and a glass of wine.

This wine told her a story.  It told her of this place, this time.

She opened her eyes, and was home. Twilight. A ruddy glow in the sky showed broken outlines of darkening clouds in a deepening sky.

Another sip.  The woman closed her eyes and returned to her vineyard in the summer sun.

Inspired by Domaine Begude, Limoux. Discover their wines here.

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