Wine Tasting Videos

Firstly, a big thank you to the eight Majestic Managers from all over the country who helped film our latest wine tasting videos: Jim, Laure, Richard, Melissa, Ryan, Gemma, Paul and Claire.

Over two long days in a South London studio we filmed 60 new videos for 60 wines. This is the second batch of tasting videos to go up on the Majestic website, in addition to 30 filmed at the end of last year. The wines that made the final cut for this second batch differ slightly from the first 30 videos, which were predominantly our top sellers and exisiting customer favourites.

In comparison, this new batch of 60 wines aren’t necessarily promoted on the homepage or at the top of their categories. They are more of the ‘hidden gem’ variety. Just like when you’re in your local Majestic and are looking for us to recommend you something a little bit different; these are those wines.

Here are Laure and Jim with a great red and white to get you going.

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