Winter Food and Wine Matching made simple

Use our new food and wine matching page and add extra oomph and pizzazz to your winter meals. Here are some of our favourite combinations…

Selecting wines with canapés can be tricky! Choose something delicate and sparkling or light and fresh that will not dominate the palate and over power your nibbles. Try these.

canapes cc via pinterest

Wines with glazed ham – match the saltiness of ham with the acidity in the wine. Or pair the clove spice and sweetness of the glaze with an aromatic wine. Which is your favourite here?

glazed ham cc via pinterest

When choosing wines with oriental food you need to match the aromatic and spicy nature of the dish with the wine, try an off-dry Pinot Gris or Gewurztraminer. You should give these a go.

green curry cc via pinterest

Fresh wines are the best wines with fish, if having smoked salmon which is oily opt for a rich white with good acidity to cut through the oil. Take your pick from this fresh assortment.

salmon cc via pinterest

Wines with cheese is a classic match, but not all wines go with all cheeses. Goats cheese and Sauvignon blanc, Gorgonzola dulce with Gruner veltliner, hard cheeses with a tannic red. Here’s a choice for you.

gorgonzola cc via pinterest

Discover more Winter Food & Wine Matching on our website and Pinterest board.

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