You don’t wait ages, then 12 turn up at once

Majestic's rather brilliant bus advert

Whilst wandering through the leafy north London suburb I call home at the weekend I was ever so slightly shocked to spy a number 144 bus carrying a large advertisement for Majestic. “You don’t wait ages, then 12 turn up at once” it boasts; a clever and catchy reference to our free delivery service.

As E-Commerce Manager I naturally have my ear quite close to the ground of our marketing but I’d heard nothing about a bus advertising campaign. (Colleagues would confirm this translates as “nosy”.)

It transpires that this quite genius bit of creative is currently patrolling London on some 50 buses as part of a competition run by CBS outdoor advertising to promote bus advertising. Leading creative agencies are invited to submit designs, and when it came to the turn of the lovely people at our marketing agency, Haygarth, they surpassed themselves with this very smart piece of copy writing.

Kudos to them. If you fancy voting, visit ‘Up Everyone’s Street‘.

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